History of Atomic Fuel Oil Company edit

Prior to 1900, our grandparents William and Maria Dionisio founded the “William Dionisio Ice & Coal Company”. This was a small family-owned and operated business solely worked by our grandparents. Grandma Maria helped the business from home while raising her family, while grandpa William made all deliveries by horse and wagon, with products being moved with ice tongs and coal buckets. Later on, range oil and fuel oil were added on as products.

In 1924, at the age of nine our father Vito Dionisio entered into the family business. Years later, ice and coal were gradually phased out to be replaced by fuel oil and the company was renamed “William Dionisio & Son Fuel Oil”.

In 1943, during World War II, Vito enlisted in the army. His company was left with family members to be looked over while fighting for our country.

In 1946, Vito came back home and renamed his company the “Atomic Fuel Oil Company”. Vito then married Bessie Fracanbandera, the daughter of Luca who also had an “Ice & Coal & Fuel Oil “ business in Manhattan. They moved to 23-2-1 Steinway Street, Queens, to live and conduct business. Bessie had three children and continued the family business at home with help from the kids.

In 1956, Vito and Bessie’s family purchased a new house and relocated the business, family and kids, Marie, William and George to 79-01 21 Avenue, Queens.

In 1978, George and William Dionisio fully entered into the family business.

In 1980, Vito Dionisio retired from Atomic Fuel Oil company.

In 1985, Atomic’s name was incorporated to “Atomic Fuel Oil Transport, Inc.”, with William Dionisio becoming President and George Dionisio Vice-President, both being 50% shareholders.

In 1989, the family business moved out of our parents’ home and re-located to
23-59 Steinway Street, Queens.

In 1999, Atomic Fuel Oil Transport, Inc. moved to 21-01 Steinway Street, Queens.

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