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Heating Up NYC with Heating Tips!

Heating Tips

  • Install a thermostat timer to save fuel and money! The timer can be set to automatically raise and lower the temperature during peak and off-hours.
  • Turn the thermostat down when you’re not home! There are automatic programmable thermostats that will remember to do this for you as well as apps you can download for your phone.  Programmable thermostats can save you 10% or more on your Heating and Cooling costs.


  • The spaces around your doors and windows can leak precious warm air. Windows and doors: Use caulk, weather strips, foam, sealant, and door sweeps to help keep the heat in. Another option is to upgrade your windows to more energy efficient windows.
  • The Attic: Use expanding foam for leaks around the attic ventilation fans, closing those fans in the winter completely will help to keep the hot air in!  Check to see that the attic is properly insulated. Old insulation may need to be replaced if it is past its shelf life.  A professional can give you an opinion on the condition of your attic insulation.
  • Use insulated drapes or other window coverings to help reduce drafts and keep the warm air inside.



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